Hello! I'm Louise, founder of Go-low Baking and this is my husband Jerry aka head taster and unofficial marketing director! 

I first embarked on a keto diet in 2012 to lose baby weight after having our three children close together. I soon realised how effective it was and noticed other side benefits, such as increased energy (which I needed with little ones) better mood, less brain fog, clearer skin and less bloating, mainly due to the anti-inflammatory nature of low carb eating.           

This was all great, however, there were certain foods I really missed of the high carb variety, you know the ones - biscuits, crackers, cakes, bready products. I've spent many hours experimenting with low carb recipes (my favourite thing to do!) to create healthy alternatives made from all-natural ingredients. There was also the added benefit that my daughter who's gluten intolerant, niece who's coeliac and diabetic Dad, could also enjoy home baked goodies too! After lots of trial, error and taste testing I came up with low carb recipes the whole family gave the thumbs up to!  And we hope you will too! 

At Go-low, we aim to make low carb baking easy for busy people, who want hassle free, freshly baked goodies made from ingredients that are names, not numbers! As a family we eat Go-low bakes pretty much daily and I regularly reach for a packet instead of weighing it all out as it's just so much easier!

Our low carb and keto baking mixes are made from 100% natural ingredients, in small batches and we are truly committed to packaging them in the most eco friendly way possible whilst maintaining their freshness.

As a qualified life coach I'm interested in wellness of the mind as well as the body and the relationship between the two. Our upcoming blog posts will be covering these topics as well as others featuring the very best keto recipes and low carb food ideas, so keep your eyes peeled or sign up to our newsletter so they ping straight though!

Thank you for being here and a big warm welcome to the Go-low family!!